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Are you currently dancing? Have you dreamed of stripping and making money? VIP Entertainment Inc., has been booking strippers since 1992. Looking for a stripper job, you found the right place. Sure you can dance in strip clubs, that’s the typical stripper job, but dancing at bachelor parties, is the more profitable stripper job. At the strip club, the typical customer is there to gawk at strippers, drink his 2 beers, and leave. A bachelor party, is a captive audience, all the guys are there to spend money on the strippers. So in the space of 2 hours of dancing at a party you can pick up as much as 8 hours or more at a strip club. I know dancers who work in NH at the strip club in Bedford, that’s a horrible stripper job, they are lucky to clear $200 in an evening.  Party strippers make $200 in the first 30 minutes of a party on average.

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When you strip at parties, the guys have fun, you have fun, you can see in the reviews, dancing at a party is a blast.

“Everybody at the party was completely satisfied with the girls for the entire evening. They were very fun and playful, and you could tell they were enjoying themselves. That being said the girls escort was very good with not being “overprotective” if that is the way I should put he let things run smoothly until the end of the night when there was more money to be had and he was ready to leave before the show was completely done. Overall great great time just wish we could have enjoyed all the games. Thanks and hopefully we can do business again.”

You can see, dancing at parties, is not a big deal. If you think you have what it takes, contact me.

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