Boston stripper Nicole

A few new pics of our Boston strippers

You can actually have theses strippers for your party

August is here, soon college parties will resume. If you need strippers for your Boston college party call 800-446-8847
I promised you pics, but first, how about that sweep of the Yankees?
And we got Patriots football in 3 more days.
OK in no particular order here are some brand new pictures. And speak of pictures do you follow us on Instagram?

Vanessa, Boston stripper
Boston stripper Vanessa

Boston strippers
Boston strippers

call 800-446-8847

I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We are based in Manchester, NH.

When booking Boston strippers do you care what they look like?

It’s common for guys who book a party with us, to tell us the horror shows they’ve had in the past. For some strange reason, the customer re-books with the potluck agency. You have no idea who or what is showing up. Maybe the customers don’t know there are better options. I’ve been in business as long as that Boston agency. I never posted fake pics. I never will. Luckily do to the Butterfly Effect, which is a great audiobook, you can listen to the entire book on youtube for free.  Anyways, I believe the abundance of hot girls joining my agency and letting me use their pics online are because the butterfly effect of free adult porn sites and the younger people watching it, thinking it’s not horrible, if they see people their age on video, why not dance and have pictures online.  If you don’t care what the girls look like, maybe call another agency. I don’t want to waste my smokeshow talents on parties with no interest in the talent.

call 800-446-8847

When you call, I will answer, my name is Meni, if you want to follow me on Twitter click here I usually talk Patriots, GTA Online, LCHF, KETO, nutrition, health. More Patriots, some Red Sox, some Bruins, little Celts. I also post pics and let people know where are dancers are.