‘Boston Fish Guys’ make a splash on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

The Malden men who recorded a now-viral, obscenity-laced reaction to encountering a sunfish in Boston Harbor appeared on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel, Live!” Tuesday night.

Billed as “The Boston Fish Guys,” 41-year-old Michael Bergin joined friend Jason Foster for a remote interview from Malden with the late-night host.

“If that video of the pizza rat embodies the spirit of New York,” Kimmel said, Bergin and Foster’s video “captures the essence of Boston.”

The pair “caught not only a giant fish, but the attention and admiration of all the world,” Kimmel told his audience after showing a heavily-edited — and censored — version of the video, which had been viewed more than 3 million times at the time of the interview. Read More